"I want to go the extra mile, get excited over the subject that I teach, and incite that same feeling in my students." Courtney Harmon, a senior English major at Monmouth College and our Community Engagement Intern, shares her passion for teaching

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A Passion for Teaching

Monmouth, Illinois

October 01, 2018

The Rural Schools Collaborative welcomes Courtney Harmon, our Community Engagement Intern. Courtney is a senior English major at Monmouth College. Her internship is part of the Rural Schools Collaborative's Western Illinois Hub partnership with the Educational Studies Department at Monmouth College to prepare and support future rural teachers. Courtney will be working with Professor Craig Vivian and Amjad Karkout, our Community Engagement Fellow. We thank Courtney for sharing her passion for teaching with us.

Courtney Harmon:

Growing up near Rockford, Illinois my class sizes were always quite large. My graduating high school class was over 500 students. Most of my classes had twenty to thirty students in them, but I was never forgotten about or looked over; my teachers took interest in each and every student and saw the value in each of us. This interest and dedication made me feel special, important, and essential. This is what first inspired me to want to become a teacher.

I want to be the best parts of the teachers I have had in the past. I want to go the extra mile, get excited over the subject that I teach, and incite that same feeling in my students. I want to openly love my job and my role in the community.

I think that the role of a teacher is actually multiple roles; a teacher is someone who educates, supports, is a role model, and is someone to trust. If I can be those things for one student, then my purpose will be fulfilled. I believe that the education of youth is one of the world’s most important jobs. Without education we would have nothing. The impartment of knowledge is essential to growth and change in the world.

Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in English at Monmouth College. My professors here inspire me even more to become a teacher. Every day I am surrounded by faculty that has a genuine love for both English and students. My professors truly listen to me and in this rural community I am not just another face. I am important, my input in the classroom is valued, and my voice is heard.

I believe that everyone has a passion in life and I am so grateful to have found mine.

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