Update on Joint Effort with COVID Collaborative

RSC & NREA work with COVID Collaborative and the White House to combat the virus in hopes to reopen schools safely

August 5, 2021 |

At Rural Schools Collaborative, days of proactively trying to fight this virus are not over. Members of RSC and the NREA are continuing to work with the COVID Collaborative to support rural vaccine uptake, including supporting efforts from the White House. With fall right around the corner, The White House COVID Response team is working hard towards the goal of reopening schools safely. The best way to do so is through our leading public health strategy, vaccinations. The White House is launching a Back To School Week of Action on August 7-15, 2021 as a nationwide mobilization effort to kick off the school year and get young people vaccinated – including two Weekends of Action on August 7-8 and August 14-15.

Here is how schools and advocates within communities can accelerate efforts:

Throughout the week of action, the White House is asking organizations to host school and campus-based COVID-19 vaccination drives for students, their families, and their communities. Please join and make this week a success! Sign up here to join the Back to School Week of Action: https://madetosave.org/back-to-school/.

Along with that, private sector businesses also play an important role in the safety of a community. Please check out the following resources from the COVID Collaborative on how you can make a difference:

“The COVID Collaborations campaign is best described in this USA Today op.ed — We’re Asking America’s Businesses to Create #COVIDSafeZones: Here’s How. The business community has 124 million employees and there are still 90 million eligible Americans who remain unvaccinated. This campaign approach respects both public safety and individual liberty. If you are interested in joining the efforts of #COVIDSafeZones, visit this link - https://www.covidcollaborative.us/covidsafezones

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the ways you can help safely reopen rural communities, including schools. Our days of gathering for shared meals, celebrations, and community events are still in reach; with the strength of our rural town members, we will be back to the activities that keep our rural spirit alive in no time!

Need more resources to get started? Check out this article for information about school-based vaccine clinics, vaccine myth busting, and additional community resources.

About the COVID Collaborative

The COVID Collaborative is a national assembly of experts, leaders and institutions in health, education and the economy and associations representing the diversity of the country to turn the tide on the pandemic by supporting federal, state and local COVID-19 response efforts. To learn more, visit www.CovidCollaborative.us, and follow the COVID Collaborative on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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