Aaron David, Digital Systems Manager, Madison, WI

July 7, 2023 |

As the Digital Systems Manager, Aaron works diligently to research, develop, strategize and implement systems to improve internal processes for Rural School Collaborative. He works closely with the Executive Director to organize and manage digital strategy, serving as webmaster and analytics expert. Aaron focuses on developing systems to streamline future project goals and improve program reach and impact.

Aaron’s background is rooted in Art & Design and web development. Having formally been trained as an artist and receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he is a big advocate for artistic endeavors within communities large and small. It brings him joy teaching individuals how to creatively express themselves through different mediums. Having been a teaching assistant and peer advisor throughout his college career and a community art teacher in his off time post-college, Aaron takes pride in uplifting and supporting others through education.

Aaron’s passion for the arts and nonprofits continues through his involvement and membership to the Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) and the International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA). In addition to being a member of IVLA he is also their Webmaster, helping the nonprofit create an inviting and intuitive user experience.

Aaron firmly believes that a community that values education and the arts truly captures the spirit and essence of its members. It serves as a beautiful expression of what matters most to the community and how they support one another.

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