2022-23 Action Plan

Our team is committed to making intentional strides to support our mission

September 28, 2022 |

Through a keen focus on place, teachers, and philanthropy, RSC’s mission is to build sustainable rural communities. In order to hold our organization accountable and keep us driven towards our mission, action plans have been a long standing initiative taken on by RSC board members since our launch in 2015. Following up on a wonderful Strategic Planning session in April of 2022, the board approved the following action plan for the year, under the leadership of current board chair, Nate McClennen:

2022-23 Action Plan—Approved by the Rural Schools Collaborative Board of Directors during their August 25, 2022 board meeting

  1. Rural Schools Collaborative will create a fundraising roadmap to support our programs and regional hub impact.
  2. Rural Schools Collaborative will use key performance indicators to establish a baseline on metrics to measure the impact of our programs.
  3. Rural Schools Collaborative will execute year one of the GRAD Partnership for Student Success Project
  4. Rural Schools Collaborative will complete the year one of our internal Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Organizational Roadmap and set goals for year two.
  5. Rural Schools Collaborative will deepen the impact of the hubs by convening the Regional Hubs Committee for a signature event, and articulating a hub development plan.

As a collaborative, we know that we are strongest when we work together. Thank you for your continued support of our work - Everyone at RSC looks forward to sharing our progress and accomplishments!

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