Honoring Friends, Old and New, at Chico State U.

RSC celebrates Ann Schulte’s long career and welcomes Karen Schreder to the Hub Network.

August 16, 2023 |

RSC Executive Director Taylor McCabe-Juhnke at California State University-Chico.

RSC Executive Director Taylor McCabe-Juhnke & Ann Schulte
RSC Executive Director Taylor McCabe-Juhnke & Ann Schulte.

Strong bonds of familiarity are foundational to effective rural collaboration. While we must strive to build a common vision of what we hope to achieve together, it is just as important that we take time to invest in the bonds that unite us as advocates for future rural vitality. These same authentic connections have grounded each of our Regional Hubs, and so it’s with both celebration and gratitude that RSC recognizes the retirement of Dr. Ann Schulte after a long career of rural collaboration and advocacy.

The deep friendship that RSC enjoyed with Dr. Ann Schulte at California State University-Chico and North State Together helped foster the establishment of one of our very first Regional Hubs. For years since, Ann Schulte has remained a tireless advocate for the organization. After growing up and working rurally in South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, Ann moved to Chico State, where she was able to cultivate the organization’s rural programming, including a Rural Teacher Residency initiative, the Promoting Rural Improvement in Secondary Mathematics and Science grant, and more recently rural student support and outreach through Chico’s Office of Civic Engagement. Ann is a nationally acclaimed rural education expert, with a number of leading works under her belt that continue to define the practice of training rural teachers, such as Teaching in Rural Places. As she prepares to enter a period of well-earned retirement, RSC would like to extend our fullest congratulations and gratitude to her years of collaboration, and for the many yet to come!

Karen Schreder
Karen Schreder

As Ann takes her next steps, it’s with great excitement that we welcome Dr. Karen Schreder as our new contact for Chico State University. Karen has lived in and been committed to rural communities from the very beginning: “I grew up on a farm in rural Ontario, Canada, in a town of just over 6,000 people. I live rurally now, just outside of Chico California. I have been teaching in some capacity for over 20 years, and am starting my second year as faculty at Chico State, in the School of Education. I find myself deeply connected to rural schools and districts, and to the teachers and students there. I identify with the connection they feel to where they are from, the people in their town, and the sense of pride of a place that is built in rural spaces.” Born, raised, and committed to serving rural, Karen explains what “rural” means to her: “Honestly, it means home. It means connection, familiarity, roots, knowing the best out of the way burger or breakfast spot, or stall in the farmer’s market.” As we continue to work together in the years to come, Karen shares that she “would like to create a cohort of rural high school students who would like to be educators. I would love for them to travel to Chico State, and meet each other, and connect with faculty here on campus.”

With a warm heart, Rural Schools Collaborative congratulates Ann on her achievement and welcomes Karen to the Regional Hub Network. Securing a thriving future for our rural schools and places requires that the bonds between friends, old and new, remain as strong as ever, and both Ann and Karen are proven collaborators with a deep commitment to rural places. RSC is excited to continue working with both them in new and exciting ways.

Ann Shulte and Karen Schreder with students at Chico's new rural affinity space
Ann Schulte and Karen Schreder with students at Chico's new rural affinity space.

Thank you Ann Schulte for your countless years of advocacy and friendship; and to Karen Schreder for continuing the legacy of great rural partnership between Rural Schools Collaborative and Chico State University. We're delighted to see the great places you both will undoubtedly will travel to next in our shared effort to support rural schools! California State University-Chico collaborates with North State Together to co-lead the Northern California Regional Hub.

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