Teacher Profile: Maximillion Frommelt - Dodgeville, WI

Young educator inspires innovation at his rural school

October 14, 2022 |

RSC and NREA are excited to be able to continue sharing the stories of rural teachers from across the United States as part of our I Am A Rural Teacher collaboration, made possible by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Over the past few years, Rural Schools Collaborative has expanded our programming to give voice to early-career educators through the Young Educators' Advisory Council. In this podcast episode, RSC staff chatted with Maximillion Frommelt, a STEAM educator and YEA Council member, about his experiences growing up in rural Platteville and teaching in nearby Dodgeville.

“You're gonna fail at some point. It just happens. The most important thing is how you learn from that failure so that way you fail successfully and keep going.”

Max is dedicated to challenging his students to reach their full potential, while encouraging them to fail successfully and find their true talents and passions. We loved getting to speak with Max, and we hope you'll enjoy this episode of the I Am A Rural Teacher Podcast! Thanks to our Driftless Hub partners at UW-Platteville for collaborating on this story - we are proud to celebrate their excellent rural-ready teacher-leaders.

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Listen to the full story on our I Am A Rural Teacher website.

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We appreciate the willingness of teachers like Max to share their stories and experiences with us and hope these stories bring some inspiration to your day! If you would like to share 30 minutes of your time for an interview, please reach out to us at info@ruralschoolscollaborative.org.

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