In The News: Wyoming Rural Teacher Corps

The University of Wyoming College of Education and Teton Science Schools are working toward improving teacher retention through new approaches to preparation and professional development.

October 17, 2023 |
Wyoming Rural Teacher Corps students participating in an activity outside. There are several sheets of white paper on the ground in a row and the students are looking at them. There is a multi-level log cabin like structure behind them and trees along a path leading to the building.

Wyoming Rural Teacher Corps students participating in an activity during their place-based education programming.

We're excited to share some recent press about one of our Rural Teacher Corps Network partners! University of Wyoming. part of RSC's Northern Rockies Regional Hub, received a $25,000 Catalyst planning grant in 2021 from Rural Schools Collaborative to launch a new Rural Teacher Corps. They leaned into the collaborative cohort model to help future rural teachers inspire one another, and also used local partnerships with place-based education experts, Teton Science Schools to design and launch this new initiative.

Just two short years after RSC's planning grant, University of Wyoming has significantly increased their supports and programming for rural students, as highlighted in this recent article from Casper Star Tribune. Read the full story here!

Congratulations to our partners at University of Wyoming! If you'd like to read more about the Catalyst Initiative and the impact on students, check out this recent article spotlighting our visit onsite. Learn more about how the Rural Teacher Corps model is addressing the rural teacher shortage and strengthening communities.

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