The Rural Impact Podcast: Taylor McCabe-Juhnke Feature

Rural Schools Collaborative's very own Taylor McCabe-Juhnke was featured on The Rural Impact podcast discussing the future of rural education.

October 17, 2023 |

We're excited to announce RSC's Executive Director, Taylor McCabe-Juhnke, was featured on a recent episode of The Rural Impact podcast! Thank you to Michelle Rathman and team for inviting our perspective on the strengths and opportunities in rural communities, rural schools, and philanthropy.

The Rural Impact Podcast

Published on Oct. 5, 2023.

"In this second episode of our series 'Do the Math-Calculating the Future of Rural Education,' Michelle talks with Taylor McCabe-Juhnke, Executive Director of the Rural Schools Collaborative (RSC). Taylor proudly hails from a long line of rural educators. As an early supporter of the RSC, Taylor was largely responsible for planning and coordinating the Rural Teacher Corps Stakeholder's Summit Visioning Meeting. This event continues to shape RSC's ongoing work with rural teacher preparation efforts nationwide.

During this conversation, Taylor, a fierce education advocate, highlighted RSC's commitment to creating sustainable rural communities by focusing on place, teachers, and philanthropy. Taylor shares the necessity of collaboration and networking, the impact rural serving organizations have on education, programming, and strategies addressing the rural teacher shortage, the need for investment at a local and national level in rural education, and the importance of showcasing the critical role rural educators play in shaping our future."

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